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"More reliable than your neighbor....  Experts in the industry"

Specializing in Jump Starts & Lockouts 

Other services available in some area's.....

Tire Changes - Fuel Deliveries - TOWING - Mobil Mechanics

(((Available in some locations accross the US, call for availablity and Pricing)))

* No Membership Required

* No Contracts to Sign

* No Hassle

* No payment until service is complete

* No payment if service is unsuccessful

(844)Jump-You believes in getting you the fastest service possible for a fair price with results that you would expect.  NO results....  No payment.  Unlike our competitors we will not charge your credit card before the service has been completed and there is no charges for cancelling. 

Why is my battery is dead.....

Batteries are fairly short life and are affected by daily habits, weather, and age.  Batteries will last anywhere from 2-5 years and they can fail with no notice.  You say that your mechanic tested your battery last week and it was good?  Well, last week on Wednesday, it was good.  This week on Tuesday it is no longer good. 

  • Batteries are affected by your driving habits - Driving short distances and shutting off your car and restarting it to drive a short distance and repeating this shortens the life of the battery (Just running to the store and back)
  • Listening to your radio with the car off  - leaving headlights on - alarm system activation
  • Letting your car sit for extended periods with the battery hooked up shortens the life (Vacations)  Your car is designed with several things that require constant power when the vehicle is off
  • Temperature extremes - One day it's 45 degree's and the next night it's 4 degree's
  •  Poor performing alternator - this charges your battery and if it's not performing correctly your battery will suffer
  • Push Button START vehicles - key too close to the vehicle overnight - If your key fob is left in a location that is to close to the vehicle, the vehicle and fob communicate all night long
  • Improper maintenance - Batteries need TLC, or at least a good cleaning.  Corrosion develops on the terminals of the battery and cause poor connections.  Corrosion should be cleaned off by your mechanic and if this isn't being done, it can ruin your battery and even worse your wiring that goes to the battery.  The battery is wet on the top, between the terminals.  This causes a minor short as any wetness will conduct electrical current.  This can be caused by damp weather and temperature changes.

Do I need a new battery.....

If your battery requires more than an occasional jump start or tests poorly, then yes you need a new battery.  If this is the first time your battery has needed a jump start or tests good, then you don't necessarily need to run right out and replace it.  However, it is always good to have your battery tested by your mechanic following a jump start.

Can a jump start damage my car.....

This really depends on your car and the car performing the jump start.  Some manufactures do not recommend that a jump start is performed for any reason on their cars due to the electronics in newer vehicles.  Some require that the battery is disconnected, the battery is charged, reconnected and then you may start your vehicle.  Our skilled technicians are familiar with the recommendations.  We will not under any circumstance, jump start a car with jumper cables.  We only use safe start jump packs that are compatible with ALL makes and models to avoid any surges in power and incorrect cable placement.  Our portable jump packs will not turn on if the cables are not connected properly or if an electrical short is detected within your vehicles electrical system.  They provide a steady, regulated current to your electrical system allowing for the safe starting of your vehicle.

*It is not recommended that you allow someone with jumper cables to jump start your vehicle.  The end result may be very pricey repairs to your electrical system if not done properly.  The damage may not be noticed right away and your auto insurance will not cover the cost.

We already tried to jump start my car and it didn't work.....

We already attempted to jump start my car from another vehicle, why would you be able to start my car if we couldn't?  We specialize in performing jump starts using the latest in technology that is superior to the "old fashioned" jumper cables.  Some of the reasons jumper cables don't necessarily work on today's cars are:

  1. Poor connection to grounds
  2. Cable sized is inadequate (cables come in many sizes and lengths)
  3. Vehicle supplying power is undersized (using a small car to jump a big truck)
  4. Didn't leave the cables on long enough before trying to start the car
  5. Your battery is not the problem

You jump started my vehicle now what.....

We recommend that you let your vehicle run for 45 minutes to charge your battery.  We didn't charge your battery, we just got your car started and batteries take time to charge.  You may drive your vehicle, but don't shut it off.  Once the vehicle is running our technicians will know if your alternator is putting out the required 13.4-15volts to charge the battery and supply your electrical components properly.  The vehicle should run off the alternator once it is started.  You should take your vehicle in to the mechanic and have your battery tested following a jump start to ensure that your vehicle will restart once you shut it off.  We cannot guarantee that it will restart following the jump start, but if you let it run for the 45 minutes it should restart.

The service was unsuccessful, now what.....

We try our best to assist every customer by jump starting their vehicle, however not every customers jump start will be successful for one reason or another.  Some common reasons a jump start will not work are:

  1. Bad starter - resembles the need for a jump start
  2. Electrical issues with the vehicle
  3. Bad relay or fuses
  4. Bad neutral safety switch (if your vehicle doesn't start, you have bright lights and everything comes on but you hear no click when you try to start it then try starting your car in neutral.  If the car starts, then your neutral safety switch is bad and needs to be replaced.  You can still drive the car, but you will have to start it in neutral.)
  5. ***EXTREME COLD***  This goes along with lack of proper maintenance and neglect of the vehicle.  If you got behind on oil changes, the oil becomes thick and when the extreme cold hits, you are stuck until the engine warms up on it own.  The thick oil will keep the engine from turning over and may cause extensive damage to the starter and electrical system if you continue your attempts at starting it.  Vehicles with this issue need to sit inside a heated location or sit outside until the temperature rises and the oil thins out on it's own. 

When the service is unsuccessful, your day goes from bad to worse and we get that, so we don't charge you for the unsuccessful service.  We will also help you locate a reputable towing company and repair facility, that is properly licensed and insured, in your area.  


Basic Jump Start vehicles under 10,000 GVWR

Starting at $55.00

Basic Jump Start - Jump Start Dead Battery and Test Electrical System

*Jump starts may be available for other sized vehicles including trucks with multiple batteries, semi's, and RV's in some areas.  Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Towing Light Duty Wheel Lift or Flatbed

Starting at $85.00

Towing offered through our contractors in several states starting as low as $85.00 locally.  Please call to request a quote.

Basic Lockout vehicles under 10,000 GVWR

Starting at $55.00

Basic Lockout - Unlock vehicle using newest, damage free methods

*Vehicles without a frame around the window are not eligible for lockouts in all areas.  (Ford Mustangs, Chev Corvettes, Ect...)  Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Tire Change vehicles under 10,000 GVWR

Starting at $65.00

Tire Change - We install your spare tire.

*Vehicles without a frame around the window are not eligible for lockouts in all areas.  (Ford Mustangs, Chev Corvettes, Ect...)  Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Fuel Delivery

Starting at $65.00

Fuel Delivery - Includes 2 gallons of Regular Gasoline

Noco GB150 Jump Starter


Jump Starter

Used by Vehicle Road Service Technicians and Contractors on a daily basis to provide the most professional and reliable jump start service throughout the US.  Vehicle Road Service has units that have provided over 2,000 jump starts and are still in use today!

4,000 amp Jump Starter

Noco GB150 Hard Case


Jump Starter protective hard case

*NOCO GB150 sold separately 

Noco GB500 Jump Starter


12/24 Volt Jump Starter

Noco Genius2D  Direct-Mount Battery Charger


  The NOCO Genius 2D charger is a 12v 2 amp mountable battery charger and maintainer that is engineered to be securely mounted nearby the battery.  

Independent Contractor Start-up Kit 

Starting at $600.00

(2) Door Signs, (1) Access Tools Lasso, (1) Steck Big Easy, (1) Hard Wedge, (1) Air Bag, (1) NOCO GB150 Jump Pack w/case

(Not Pictured) (2) shirts, (1) Day of Internet Training or In Person Training depending upon your location

Independent Contractor Start-up #2

Starting at $7,000.00

(1) 2009 Smart ForTwo, (1) Access Tools Lasso, (1) Steck Big Easy, (1) Hard Wedge, (1) Air Bag, (1) NOCO GB150 Jump Pack w/case, (1) Air Compressor, (1) Air Jack, (1) Impact Gun, Misc Tire Change Tools 

(Not Pictured) (2) shirts, (2) Days In Person Training upon delivery

Become an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR and be your own bossTOWING COMPANIES, increase your revenue!

We are looking for motivated people to fill independent contractor positions NATIONWIDE.  Partner with us today and improve your tomorrow while helping people in need.  Ideal for "GIG workers", independent contractors, and those looking to make extra money.  24 hour real person dispatching and support.  

Truly independent contractor's.

  • Log in and out when you want to work (NO required minimum hours or calls)
  • Receive a minimum of $15.00 per completed call (Average payout is $25.00-$30.00 per completed call)
  • Purchase equipment from us or use your own
  • Do Jump Starts only or Lockouts only or Tire Changes or Fuel Delivery or any combination
  • Training available
  • Current RSA contractors start immediately ***NO PURCHASE NECESSARY for those with equipment

*No guarantees of call volume *Additional terms and conditions may apply to your area *Number of Independent Contractors are limited in areas to allow for increased call volume

We are looking for motivated Towing Companies to join us NATIONWIDE.  No risk, no judgement, just extra work for you.  Do the calls you can and turn down what you cannot, we don't judge you on "scorecards" and we don't penalize you for turning a job down.  NO required minimums, it's your company, we are NOT here to micromanage you, your abilities, your equipment, or your people.  Joining is easy, email us, text us, just get in contact with us.  Towing companies need to supply us with their name, address, FEIN (social for sole proprietor), email address, and a cell phone number that they can download Towbook on to receive calls.  (((Other options are available for towing companies that cannot monitor towbook for calls)))  We offer you a combination of calls from Vehicle Road Service, Inc. and multiple motor clubs through our call forwarding program.

*Towing companies are required to maintain proper licensing and insurance for the states they operate in.  Towing companies are also responsible for conducting annual background checks on all their employee's.

Featured Provider selected from our vast network

Nestled into the hills of the Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tennessee is a great place to enjoy the scenery and fresh air.....  However, it is not the best place to break down.

Rest assured that our Network Provider will give you peace of mind and a solid solution, quickly and professionally at a fair price.  

FAMILIA (For Assisting Members In Local Immediate Areas) 

In the Atlanta Georgia area our Network Provider is all set to handle your flat tire, dead battery, out of fuel, or keys locked in your vehicle.

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